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Staycation in Grenada

Staycation in Grenada, not far from home, but far enough to escape your everyday life!

Recent times have been challenging for all of us.

With this in mind, we are offering a special staycation in Grenada deal to all Grenadians so you can still enjoy a trip away from home.

For just EC$295 per night, you and your significant other can stay the night with us in one of our romantic cottages. Please note that this price covers both you and your loved one AND your breakfast! It also includes you using our pool (some people have been asking us this question).

You can enjoy a very restful night in a four-poster bed. You may even be able to hear the waves gently kissing the shoreline.

In the morning, you can enjoy taking breakfast with us.  Here’s the menu so that you can see what you might fancy having. Please note that for the Grenadian breakfast, there is a requirement to give us a 24 hour notice period so that we can prepare.

If you think you’d rather stay for two nights, then it’s just EC$500 in total for a room for two (with breakfast for both of you on both days) including a Saturday night. Longer stays may be possible, please ask our reservation team – contact details and the bottom.

staycation in grenada

Staycation in Grenada Deal

Reconnect with your loved one

Life can be so busy, especially if you have a full-time job and children at home. Time flies by and before you realise, you haven’t spent any quality time with your loved one for the longest time!

Petite Anse Hotel is a very romantic place where you can reconnect with your loved one and build some treasured memories that will last a lifetime.  There are plenty of things to do. You can take a walk along the beach, go for a swim in our refreshing pool or just spend some time together over a refreshing cocktail.

You might even want to check out our cocktail and drinks menu to plan in advance.

Due to the current situation with fewer visitors to the hotel, we are only using the breakfast menu, the all-day menu and the cocktail menu currently.



Our cottages are romantic and private

Offering you a sea view, no matter which cottage you stay in, our rooms have hammocks, a hot cup for tea or coffee and it’s own private bathroom with a shower and air conditioning. We don’t have televisions, on purpose, so that you can focus on enjoying each other rather than watch the latest action movie or sports game.

staycation in grenada


staycation in grenada deal

Breakfast is ready when you are

You can spend extra time relaxing in your room before you head over to the restaurant for your breakfast. Whether you’re a Grenadian breakfast lover or you like pancakes with syrup, we’ve got you. You can select homemade cakes or bread from our buffet table, order tea or coffee and enjoy the morning view over the Caribbean Sea.

Make your choice from our Breakfast Menu.



To contact us to check dates or to make your reservation, you can either WhatsApp us on the same number as our office landline, which is +1 (473) 442-5252, otherwise please send us an email or use our contact form.

Please note that we have been inspected by the Health Department of Grenada and have been approved of as a safe place that follows government guidelines with regards to Coronavirus good practices.


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