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Promos and Specials

If you’re looking for some of the best Grenada hotel rates specials – then stop right there.
We have a number of special offers that are offered for different points of the year. There is usually something for everybody.

If you book through us you’ll get the best possible price as there isn’t a middle man. You can book here. But if you call us or email us first, we may even give you a special little discount that is just for you. Try it.

Please Note

Please note that all specials only apply to NEW BOOKINGS. No you won’t get a discount if you ask to retro-discount, or if you cancel your booking and rebook. It truly is only for NEW BOOKINGS. If you really want a discount, call us first or email us, so that you don’t miss out. Get in touch.

Just one discount is available on each booking.


Write to us for great discounts

Contact us to get the best prices for direct bookings.

Otherwise you can check our availability here. But if you write to us, we will give you the best prices.

Our Specials and Promos are very special and frequent

Keep a close eye for more special deals as they come up fast and furious! If you want the best deals, sign up for our newsletter and you’ll get to find out all the special offers and hot deals hot off the press! You can subscribe at the bottom of this page in the field that is ready and waiting for your email address.


Hotel Special Deals for Residents of Grenada

To qualify for the following special offers, you need to be a holder of a Caricom passport and live in Grenada. Please note that special offers are only applicable to NEW BOOKINGS.

Day Pass at the Hotel

Join us for the day for just EC$175 and that includes lunch and bar. This offer is available by reservation only. Call 442 5252 to make your booking. There are also conditions on the lunch (no steak or lobster)  and bar (no more than EC$55 on drinks).

Grenada hotel specials

 Restaurant specials

Every week we host a Sunday BBQ lunch where you can enjoy a taste of our great food. For just EC$50 you have one meat and as many sides as you like. For an extra meat, it’s just EC$15 each.  Drinks and desserts cost extra. Come and join us and forget about cooking and the dishes! If we’re not too busy you may even be able to use the pool too. Call us first to ask though please on 442 – 5252.




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