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About Petite Anse Hotel

Hello. We are Philip and Annie Clift and we are the proprietors of Petite Anse, a boutique hotel in Grenada. To be honest, we weren’t expecting to become hoteliers. In fact, that was not in the plan at all when we came across this beautiful piece of land. With stunning views stretching out over our own little cove ‘Petite Anse’, all the way to the Grenadines, our hotel is now known globally for good food, romance and escapism.

By purchasing local fresh produce, fresh fish and employing the community, we contribute significantly to the local area including our closest town of Sauteurs. We are holders of the Gold award on the TripAdvisor Greenleader program.

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But first, back to our story. Our eyes initially set on this beautiful piece of land back in 2005 when a friend told us that it was for sale and we originally thought we would just build a house on it. That idea soon transformed into building a hotel so that we could share the beauty of it’s view with many.

Our journey started when we decided to make a change from farming the land of Worcestorshire in England and explore the Caribbean. We gave up our cattle and hop farm and stepped back from helping to run the highly acclaimed Talbot Inn at Knightwick which is also located in Worcestershire. We bought a good sized yacht that would be our home for many years to come and left family and friends to set off across the grey looking Atlantic Ocean. That grey soon turned to blue and after cruising around the islands opted to welcome guests on board our 55ft Oyster yacht ‘China Town’ as a yacht charter company.

After several years of enjoying an idyllic life sharing fantastic scenery and delicious meals with wonderful people, it was time for us to return to the land. Grenada had always been our favourite since first seeing it back on our first visit in 1976, and in our eyes it ranked very highly when it came to natural beauty and being unspoilt.

Having discovered this parcel of land with stunning views, we built a cottage style resort hotel and a new life that is integrated with the local community. We have a few animals such as Darius the Donkey, Darcy the Goat and a handful of dogs. We live a life that we love and we want to share some of it with you.

What else do we do in Grenada?

Philip has a keen interest in keeping fit and has taken part in a number of marathons and triathlons across the Caribbean stacking up some great results. He more recently ran the London Marathon to raise funds for the replacement of the roof of the local community home. Most Saturdays you can find Philip taking part in the regular Hash House Harriers event in Grenada. If you are interested, you can join him too.

Annie is known in the region for providing support to the local home, the Hilarion Leonard Cheshire and local schools. In addition to looking after Darius and Darcy, Annie attends the local church each Sunday and if you wish, will take you along with her too.

About Petite Anse Hotel

Located on the north coast, Petite Anse Hotel is a pretty boutique hotel in Grenada. Described by our guests as a ‘hidden gem’ and ‘charismatic’ we’ve been open since 2009 and like to think that we offer a complete escape for those looking for a true break.

Although we aren’t a 5 star establishment, our philsophy is for you to be welcomed as our guest and for us to do all that we can to make you feel comfortable. We don’t offer room service and we don’t have televisions in the rooms, although we do have free wifi throughout the property.

Take a look around the hotel and meet our staff in the video below.

We believe our hotel to be an extraordinary place, created by combining a magnificent location with unique architecture, tropical gardens and a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. We are known far and wide for the friendliness and helpfulness of our staff, but are also laid back and inviting in presence. The view from our restaurant verandah is truly spectacular and loved by many of our clients and visitors. Add great service to this and the result is an exceptional experience that make sweet memories of Petite Anse Hotel in Grenada, long and lasting.

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Our philosophy is to offer a convivial atmosphere that has good service but is relaxed. Growing our own food and considering our impact on the local environment, we guarantee that you’ll be making a positive difference to the economy of the local community when you stay with us. We hire people who are local to Sauteurs, our nearest town. We also source fresh produce from local and trusted growers and fishermen.
The cottages and furniture are all constructed from wood sourced from the Caribbean, made by local carpenters.

At this charming and somewhat quirky hotel in Grenada, we are dedicated to offering our guests and visitors:

  • great food – freshly grown in our gardens when possible or sourced from local growers
  • romance – weddings, honeymoons, romantic breaks and trips that will seal your love with cherished memories
  • escapism – get away from the crowds of the more touristic areas for a more authentic visit to this tropical island

All this and more make the Petite Anse Hotel in Grenada an extraordinary place, and your stay, an extraordinarily remarkable experience. Many of our guests return year, after year, after year.

Grenada hammock

Our facilities

We have just 11 cottage style rooms that are individual buildings and 2 hotel style rooms. Every room has it’s own verandah and sea view. You can find out more about them here.

In addition we have:

  • free wifi throughout the property including on our terrace and dining room
  • a restaurant that makes a blend between home cooking and restaurant style meals.
  • a bar with a wide range of spirits, soft drinks, wines and coffee
  • a well stocked library
  • a swimming pool
  • a lush and beautiful tropical garden with a pond
  • a man-made stream runs through the property
  • beautiful views
  • romantic enclaves
  • a sandy beach with outstanding views to the Grenadines
  • a fresh breeze to keep the mosquitoes away
  • maps for hiking
  • laundry service available upon request
  • activities and local tours available




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