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Take a Romantic Break in Grenada


romantic break grenadaMany of our guests come to Petite Anse on a romantic break in Grenada. Sometimes they’re on a honeymoon or celebrating a wedding anniversary. Others are on a getaway with the sole purpose of reconnecting.

Grenada is an excellent island for romance that offers a peaceful and beautiful escape from a busy life. When we first came across the location where Petite Anse now stands, we could even feel the romance. (You can read more about this time and building the hotel here).

Romantic things to do in Grenada

There are many ways to enjoy the romance of the moment in Grenada. You might want to take a walk on the beach together with a glass of champagne. Otherwise, you could enjoy a boat trip to Sandy Island with a picnic for two.

Alternatively, you could choose another romantic activity such as:
• A tour of  a chocolate farm and factory
• A boat trip with a picnic to Sandy Island
Turtle watching by moonlight
• Hiking in the Grand Etang rainforest
Sulphur mud bath

We also provide a rum tasting session for those who want to sample the broad range of rums that the Caribbean and Grenada has to offer.

Enjoy the romance of the local culture

Enjoying the culture of the Spice Isle together is also possible with a Friday evening trip to the local village of Gouyave. The weekly ‘Fish Friday’ event is a chance for the residents of Grenada and tourists alike to wind down.

Here you’ll find a wide range of fish-based street food such as:
• Conch / “Lambie”
• Fried breadfruit
• Fishcakes
• Fried fish
• Fry bakes

You might want to mix up some of these other activities with getting some relaxation. Soak up the sun by the pool with a book in one hand and a cocktail in the other.


Chocolate is ALWAYS romantic

Who doesn’t love the fact that chocolate doesn’t only taste good but it’s a mood improver, a stress reducer and is good for the body? It also feels so good as it melts in the mouth and is one of the most romantic foods known to man (and woman!)!

To get you in the mood for chocolate, you can read about how to make cacao tea and facts about chocolate here.
Grenada is within the zone that is 20 degrees either side of the equator where cacao trees can grow. Cacao is the fruit that is at the core of all cocoa and chocolate products. There are 3.5 million cocoa farms within the cacao zone. With most located in Africa, that’s where 70% of the world’s cacao is produced.

Cacao beans grow in melon shaped pods. Harvested by hand, inside each pod there are between 20 and 40 individual seeds and they are one of the oldest foods on the planet.

Grenada has a couple of chocolate farms that also manufacture chocolate. We offer a tour of the Grenada Chocolate Factory, which you can read about here. The tour ends in the bonbon shop where you can buy chocolate with surprising flavours such as passionfruit, soursop and guava.

Who knew a mud bath could be so romantic

The sulphur springs are located just 7 miles from the hotel. We can arrange for our tour guide Richie to take you there or you can use one of our car hire options.

The sulphur mud is incredibly beneficial for the skin and is said to take years off your face when applied (we must go there more often!! ) Wear swimming gear to get the most value from your visit.

A romantic boat trip for two

Whether you want to head out to Sandy Island or take a quick spin around other local islands, we can arrange this for you. We’ll pack up a picnic for you, and you’ll travel on a boat for 25 minutes to one of the most beautiful islands ever.

The location for Bounty chocolate bar television ads will stay in your memory forever. It’s the ideal location for marriage proposals. There’s excellent snorkelling, and the sea has excellent clarity.

You’ll enjoy a BBQ fish lunch and will return to the hotel after a couple of hours of relaxing on the beach or exploring the island. The choice is yours. Here’s more information.

The ultimate in romance in Grenada

If you want to reach the pinnacle of love in Grenada, we can help you to propose or even to get married. Contact us for a no obligation chat about your ideas with our wedding planner.

Petite Anse is a romantic hotel in Grenada

As a boutique style hotel with just 11 cottages and two honeymoon suites, we want you to experience something a little bit exclusive and elusive. Most of our guests leave us reviews about how they’ve enjoyed the atmosphere of the hotel. Our staff are friendly and welcoming, and there’s an extended family feeling – which you can join in with or stay on your own romantic journey together as a couple.

Whatever your choice, the hotel is perfect for couples who want to unwind and get away from modern life. It’s a place to both slow down and reconnect with each other. Take a look at some of our reviews here.

We’re also known for our excellent food, in particular, our dinners. Much of the produce we use grows in our gardens, and we source the rest from trusted local growers when possible. Locally caught fresh fish and seasonal lobster are popular menu choices.

If you have specific dietary needs, our chefs will be able to cater for you. The chef will probably even come and have a chat with you about your personal preferences. Most of our guests are pleasantly surprised at this level of service and opt to take our all-inclusive option.

In summary, Grenada offers much to the romantic couple. It’s well worth a visit and most of our guests are those who’ve recognised the opportunities that the island offers to spend quality time together. Isn’t it time you took a romantic break in Grenada?


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