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Things to Do When You’re Tired of Sunbathing in Grenada

diving-in-grenada-300x192A holiday in Grenada offers far more than sitting around on the white sand beaches that you can typically find on most Caribbean islands. With hotels dotted across the island, many of them will offer you a variety of activities that you can do to ensure that your holiday is great fun. However, many of these activities will be based around the beach. The beach is why many people visit Grenada, after all. But in addition to the beaches, there are plenty of things to do that will fascinate, entertain and educate you about Grenada. Here is some inspiration for those who are looking for something more from their trip to the ‘Spice Isle’.

Hike the Grand Etang National Park

If you have the energy and the stamina, then you may want to take a hike through the central zone of Grenada. It’s where you’ll witness the rainforest climate zone and may even track down some of the island’s Mona monkeys.

This majestic reservation can be seen from afar, but looks even more spectacular up close. Hiking through the elevations of the rainforest can be rather tiring and strenuous, so it’s not so advisable for youngsters, the unfit and those who are uncomfortable with heights. The peak of Mt Qua Qua rises to 2,370 feet (720 m) and will become more challenging as you climb.

Go Diving!

In Grenada, hotels are filled with people who visit especially for the diving, although many of them will get tempted by the beaches – there are some real ‘dive-hards’ out there! (Sorry our attempt at humour!) For those who cannot last long without donning a tank and heading down to the shoreline, there are plenty of opportunities for diving – many of them will bring you some fantastic rewards.

The Underwater Sculpture Park is a relatively recent addition to the island. Its statues include individuals and groups of people, some of which have been designed by British sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor and make up an underground fantasy land for fish and humans like. Accessible from the southern part of the island, it’s unique and definitely something to see.

In addition, Grenada has many shipwrecks for divers to explore. There are also a number of reefs to explore in the south western area of the island. There are a number of dive operators for you to choose from and you can find out more about them along with which sites to explore on the island’s official tourism site.

Belmont Estate

A visit to Grenada would not be complete without a viewing of Belmont Estate, which dates back to the 16th century. It originally grew and processed coffee and sugar before changing to cocoa and nutmeg during the 1800s. The estate blends culture, agriculture and history to educate and entertain visitors. You can watch the process of treating cocoa to produce the sweet treat that we all love – chocolate. The food served at the estate is also very good.

All in all, Grenada has many activities to try. Either browse through our blog posts or visit the official tourism site for more information. Alternatively, you may want to subscribe to our newsletter to receive a free copy of our downloadable ’40 Things to do in Grenada’ ebook. Head over to our homepage to subscribe.

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